syncrhizing pictures urgent question

I’m just syncing my sansa clip for the first time, and it started automatically.  I noticed at the synchronization list that contains my pictures.  Dude, I’ve got like thousands of pictures and the’re not going to fit.  How do I get it to NOT load pictures on the Clip?

Don’t ‘sync’ it in the first place. Just drag & drop the files you want to transfer to the player.

Windows Media Player can clean up its own mess following a mass transfer of pictures or other media files.

The trick is to set up automatic synchronization afterwards, then Sync again (simply click the Start Sync button).  It will take a moment, but WiMP will remove the extra files from your Sansa.

To set up Sync properly, click the bar at the bottom of the Sync button, then select Set Up Sync.  A dialog box with two columns of lists will show up.  Here’s the goofball part: you will select All Music and   All Photos from the list on the RIGHT, then select Remove for each one.  While you’re in there, go ahead and deselect those really stupid choices, like Old TV Shows From 1973 and such.

Yes, Microsift wants you to do this in reverse, and you have to be a Mouseketeer, manually clicking each selection one at a time.  But, once done, you won’t have troubles with Synchronization.

Hey, I made a typo in “Microsoft”.  I kind of like it, hehe.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: