syncing playlists - problems, pls help

howdy - so I have a clip and I’m putting music on it.  I ripped files from CDs as .wav and then converted them to MP3s to my taste.  Since MS media player wants to convert them back before copying them when I use it to sync, I just drag and drop the albums in win explorer into the appropriate folder on the clip.

The problem arises when I try to copy playlists based on these files to the clip.  If I try to sync the playlist with MS media player then it gets busy trying to convert the files again.  If I copy the .wpl version of the playlist then on the device it shows as having no references (whereas a test playlist which I allowed med player to sync showed up as a PLA file and had valid references to music files, and let me play music (bonus).  I had the same results with a .m3u .

So what are my alternatives (I’m using MS med player 11.0.5721.5268)

  • use something other than med player to sync the playlists
  • learn how to turn off auto conversion in MS med player syn
  • find out how to convert or otherwise write a valid playlist to the clip
  • something else

Thanks in advance !

Here’s 1 way of doing it using Winamp (free) media player. :smiley: