Syncing MTP & MSC

The other day while listening to my e280, I noticed that some of the songs said that it needed to be sync’d.  This was the 1st time that I seen this on my player.  I hooked the e280 up to the pc and also noticed that some of the song albums for artists are like hidden (grey shadowed) while others are not.  The one that are like this are more recently downloaded on my player.  I just started justing Rhapsody to get my music.  I also switched my setting to MTP as I read on here somewhere that is what the setting needed to be for Rhapsody.  Anyways, could this be the problem as to why some songs play while others don’t,  because of the MTP/MSC settings?  Next question is there a why to sync these songs or change them over to MSC or vise versa or do I have to reinstall them in a different setting. 

If you use MSC mode you’ll NEVER get the Sync issues or problems. When you copy songs it’s like you’re copying computer files.

In MTP mode you’re going to have to mess with subscriptions or expirations or whatever. Make sure the clock on your computer is right, then check teh settings in Rhapsody/ windows media player yada yada

(( I only use MSC mode.))

Unfortunately, Rhapsody needs MTP–and Windows Media Player 11. Upgrade from WMP 10 if that’s what you have. 

For the messed-up tracks, open Rhapsody, connect, unauthorize the Sansa and reauthorize it and see if that works.