Synchronize to continue your music subscription


I know this has already come up on another forum but I’m still struggling. I’ve changed the device settings to MTP as advied then plugged it back in and found the device in My Computer ready to uninstall. I might be being completely stupid but how on Earth do you uninstall the devise from the computer? When I click in to the devise there is literally one box in the top corner that says how many GB are free and that’s it. I’ve right clicked on this and it just says ‘open’, ‘format’ or ‘properties’ but no option to uninstall.

Very frustrated with this as I already have this exact mp3 player but the sound has just gone. Was really impressed with how long it lasted and the price so went with the same one as a replacement and now this happens - my old one didn’t have this problem.

It’s happening with CDs that I’ve ripped to the computer. 

Please help :( 

Don’t worry, think I’ve sorted it. 

Will be back if not :slight_smile:

Hi Kat, if it’s not too much, can you please share on how you were able to get around this? So other users might benefit from your solution in the future.