ok, so suddenly my fuze shut down and didn’t want to turn on nothing that i tried worked and then like a day later i tried again this time it worked and it was fine and the so the next day my husband took it to work came back and said that it was displaying something and would not play anysongs it says “synchronize to continue your music subscription” what is this i downloaded my songs from BEARSHARE does that have anything to do with it??? help i ■■■■ at this!!!:womansad:

Message Edited by HAZEL44 on 03-24-2009 10:10 AM

Sounds to me like some of your songs are DRM (digital rights management) protected or something similar. 

Not exactly sure how BearShare works, never used it (never even heard of it).  According to Wikipedia:

"BearShare offers paid music downloads in the DRMed WMA format as well as free content in various formats, mostly MP3. The free content is shared by users and is automatically verified by BearShare not to infringe. This verification is done using acoustic fingerprinting." 


Really not sure how this all works.  How did you originally put your music on your Fuze?  Did you synchronize it with BearShare?  Windows Media Player (WMP)?  Or did you copy and paste the files directly into the music folder?

Did you try plugging your Fuze to your computer and synchronizing it with the same program you used initially?  Did it do anything?