synchronize is coming up

synchronize to continue your music subscription keeps coming up on my mp3 player when i am trying to advance to songs we have down loaded on the player. I have misplaced my book of instructions. Can any one help and tell me what that means and how i can get past it.


Hello Deb, Welcome to the Community!

We have some very good How To Videos located here
Just locate the section for the music subscription provider you are using :smileyvery-happy:

I have the same problem–and I am looking for a REAL answer…not just the stupid “good news” videos, where I have no idea how or where to locate the answer.

You must have gotten your mp3 player to work by now.  If so, please tell me how you solved the problem!



I read your other post. If this is a new problem with files that used to work, I’d call tech support and have them poke at the issue. That -is- what they get paid for, so why not make them work for you?