Synch Issue (External Memory)

Using WMP I can’t synch to the SD card.  I can using file manager, but album art doesn’t work (even if I save a separate jpeg of the cover).


embedded album art do not work with these players.  for your external art, check if your jpg is named “folder.jpg”.  also because there are different types of compressions of jpg, you might want to use something to compress it to a format that the fuze will support.  I use a program called photoresize. it’s simple and free to use.

change your fuze to MSC mode, you should be able to sync to the card through WMP like that. Dont know if it will keep album art though.

Use MTP and WMP11

Go to the sync window.  Select next device   ,  you will see the external card and will be able to sync album art to it as well as music. 

On the issue of album art…  All of my album art is embedded into the tag, so when I transferred all of my music on it, no art showed up.  This wasn’t a big deal to me, but I had some free time so I decided to update the art manually. 

This is done quite simply by finding a picture of the album art on either google images or from your embedded art and renaming it to be “album art.jpg” (space between ‘album’ and ‘art’) without the quotes.  Then simply copy that file via a file browser (in either MSC or MTP, depending on how you transferred your music) to the album location in the player.  My Fuze picked up every file that I did that with.  The Picture list on the Fuze is even smart enough to ignore the files named album art.jpg so they won’t clog up your pictures folder.

I hope this helps.