Synced Are Not Showing Up On Sansa

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SanDisk question: Items Synced Are Not Showing Up On Sansa. Computer Screen States Items Are Sync. Computer shows -

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It’s like I just said on another post:

@halonachos117 wrote:

If your computer is recongizing the Fuze as a drive, that means you are in MSC (Mass Strage Class) mode. If it recongizes it as a “portable device”, then you are in MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).


In MSC mode, your Fuze emulates a flash drive, just like you say it’s doing. In MTP mode, it uses a system intended for MP3 players, cameras, phones, ect.If you put files on your computer in MTP mode, you will not be able to “see” these files unless you are in MTP mode. The same applies to MSC mode.