It says to hook up to PC to sync, I have done that and It didn’t do anything, I don’t have a clue as to what I am doing can someone please help!!!

Same here ,downloaded firmware etc Left an e-mail for tech support no answer I am about to solve the problem by taking it back where I bought it for a refund

What are u trying to do excactly?  Sycn up with the computer or via Windows Media Player?

Assuming you’re talking about the computer, first make sure the Sansa settings are correct.

On the Sansa device, navigate to the “settings\USB Mode” and make sure “MTP” is selected.

Then hook it up to the computer.

If the “open folder” option doesn’t pop up automatically, you can browse to the device manually.

Browse to it by right clicking on the start button, select explore and browse down near the bottom of the folder list.

U should see the device like my screen shot looks like:

Does that help?  if not, please give more details as to what you’re trying to do.

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