Sync problem - random missing entries


I’ll try this again because maybe I did not explain myself correctly before. I have just bought a Sandisk Sport and I am having problems with playlists. I also own a Sandisk Clip+ which syncs perfectly well.

Here is a good example of my problem.

I have created a playlist which is called ‘DM Albums’. The music I add to the playlist lives in a directory called ‘/Music/Depeche Mode’, no sub-directories. The playlist lives in ‘/music’.

If I add an album called ‘Delta Machine’ to the playlist all the tracks (01-13) appear and play without problems. If I then add another album, say ‘Ultra’, the 1st track from Delta Machine disappears from the playlist and the rest of the tracks plus the tracks from Ultra are in the playlist and plays without problems. Track 01 is still on the player and can be played by other menu items but not from the playlist.

If I then go back and delete Ultra from the playlist then track 01 from Delta Machine reappears in the playlist.

I am seriously losing my mind as to why this happens, there is no rhyme or reason for it from what I can see. However it is not consistent. I can have another playlist with 50 tracks in it and they are all present and correct. I have a ‘miscellaneous’ playlist with 850 files which are all present and correct.

The problem is also not consistent with what playlist is effected. When I do a sync it can jump to another playlist even if that playlist has not had any files added.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

This is my problem in a nutshell!