sync issue with Sansa view


i have a sandisk sansaview 8 gig with 8 gig memory added.  when i first hooked it up to the computer it sync perfectly.  no it wont.  it throws this error:

/device/harddisk2/DR@ up and gives me the options to quit, try again or continue.  after hitting try again about 10 times it finally comes up with a firmware update screen dated 2008 but says there is not enough memory on system (says zero) when there is 4 gig on primary memory and thr expansion card is completely blank. 

i have tried to re-install the device to no evail.  same errors.  when i go to the control pabel and bring up devicesits there.  when i click on it , it loads and goes to my task bar but still wony symv or updte firmware.

any and all help is greatly appreciated.