Sync/formatting issues

When I synced my Sansa Fuze it loaded a bunch of photos I didn’t want so I formatted to erase all the files and now it tells me that there are only 177mb remaining.  How do I restore it to full capacity?

On the Fuze, go to Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes.

Sounds like you ran into Windows Media Player’s upside down arrangement for automatic synchronization.

Windows Media Player likes to try and send everything but the kitchen sink over to your player on that first sync.  Actually, if you have a photo or song labeled “kitchen sink”, it will send that over too!

To fix this requires out-thinking the WiMP interface.  During that first session, if you select automatic sync, WiMP will go wild and overflow the memory of your device.  Pity, since it knows the capacity before doing that.  If you tap the STOP SYNC button, you can then go to setup.

Repairing a blotzed device, courtesy of WiMP:

Click on the Sync tab, and your Fuze should show up in the upper right.  Click on the wee bar at the bottom edge of this tab, and select Fuze-Internal memory, then carefully roll your mouse over to Set Up Sync.

Please note!  For many, after the “Click to Access Options” balloon pops up, then the lower (secret isn’t it?) tab is pressed, and you select Fuze- Internal Memory, and then try to ever so carefully roll over to the Set Up Sync button without accidentally rolling over anything else- Ah!  *&^#$ it disappeared- click-click-there it is- er- was- click-click-now that’s it!

I feel your pain.

Well, that last window that pops up has a little perverted puzzle in it, so fear not.  You will see two lists.  Look at the laundry list on the RIGHT side.

See the last two listings?  Yes, All photos and All music.  The selections of doom!  One at a time (yes, the interface in this case was designed by the folks at Sesame Street), click on EACH one, and then click the Remove button in the middle of the two lists.  Yes, you have to be a Mouseketeer, and select them one at a time.

Once that painful task is completed, you can happily sync with WiMP.

Now that you can do that, setting the clock on the VCR wasn’t so tough, was it?

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’m looking to get rid of everything on my MP3 player, but I still want it useable.

I found the “Settings > System Settings > Format”, but with that sort of terminology it made me worry that it might also delete the devices OS, making it basically useless.

I realize that it probably doesn’t do this, but its too big a risk to not check.

“Formatting” will just erase the music, pics, videos, etc, not the OS right? 

Format just removes user content. The OS stays intact. 

SanDisk definitely wouldn’t want to deal with the fallout otherwise.