Sycronize to continue your music subscription error

Why am I getting this error when I try to listen to recently downloaded music from Wal-Mart music downloads?  I have tried everything!!

Which player do you have? I tried Wal-Mart myself once, I personally did not like it, but I had to be in my MTP mode instead of my MSC mode in order for the licenses to be transferred over.

I have the E-250.  It played the songs for a while but now they have stopped playing.  Only the downloaded songs from there.

Did you try updating the track licenses? I know with subscription services, like the one I have with Napster, you have to update the track licenses like once a month or something. Also, is your player in your MTP mode? Because I tried it with Wal-Mart music before, and it would not work, because I was in the MSC mode of my player.

Hope this helps :smiley:

How do I update the track licenses?  And do I leave it in MTP all the time then?

In my experience with licensed content, I always leave my player in MTP mode. I think what you have to do, is sign into the Wal-Mart music program, or whatever you used to download the tracks, and then there might be an update track license button. Not sure though. I only dealt with Wal-Mart very shortly before switching to Napster.

Hi.  My daughter’s e260 got this error on many songs we had downloaded as well.  I found that it was related to the Rhapsody music we had downloaded.  As soon as I deleted ALL of the files associated with Rhapsody, the synchronization message never appeared again.  If you have Rhapsody music on your player, maybe you could start there.

WalMart’s tech guys are super-nice…they helped me re-downlaod the music we were unable to use due to synchronization error at no charge.  I am not a big fan of Rhapsody, since we cancelled the free trial subscription within the cancellation period,  but they continued to bill us even though the songs had stopped working (same sync error).  It has been a bit of a mess.

Good luck!

Ouch, thats not good. Were you able to get your money back from Rhapsody?

I would be super mad if they did that to me, and I had already cancelled.