Swedish langauge?

I’m Swedish and I bought two players for the kids. The 10 year old can handle English fairly well. But the 6 years old still learns to read Swedish. So, a Swedish language interface would be awesome.

I have searched downloads but haven’t found anything.

Questions: I do web stuff and assume there are some kind of xml files for the languages? Can I create one and install myself? If so, how? Or can SanDisk fix this? In fact, I’d be happy to make a translation absolutely free for them. In case someone from SanDisk reads this, can you please hook me up with someone in charge?


That’s weird, I had swedish language in my SE from the start. Had it in the original firmware .01E and in the new .05A2 ( and they both still can’t show “å”, instead shows it as “ä” ).
Can’t imagine why yours doesn’t have it.

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