Support SMB shares

I bought the Sandisk wireless flash drive recently but was a little disappointed when i noted that this drive wireless write/read access requires an app. I see many competing products already provide for many features that give them a more vast scope of product access.

I would love for many more people to use SANDISK wireless flashdrive as their primary mobile backup product so I request the following features:

  1. Able to access the WFD via SMB shares in windows or as media drives by joining the existing wireless network

  2. Facility to upload via web access

  3. Support ex-fat format

  4. Support simple encryption of files being written (optional)

Thanks in advance

Yes please add this. Make is show as a network drive on the network it is connected to and its own network. But please add users to it so it can be accessed only by authorized users.

Upload via web access !!!