Support of other OS/no DRM

I’d like to use your mp3 players, but without XP/vista. The reason is the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).
If there’d be a firmwareversion with “Universal Mass Storage”, so I can use it as usual USB-Stick and play mp3’s on it, I’d order immediate the Sansa Express.

You can drag and drop MP3’s to the Express in MTP mode. Just drag and drop the files to the the music folder.

If you really dont like MTP devices you can force the Express into MSC mode.

  1. Open device manager

2. Expand Portable devices

  1. Right click Sansa Express and select update driver

  2. choose no when ask if windows can search for the driver

  3. install from a specific location

  4. dont search choose the driver to install

  5. Choose USB Mass storage device as the driver

  6. Now your Express is a MSC device

Note: this will have to be done on every computer the device is connected to otherwise it will show up as a MTP device

** I am sure this is not supported by SanDisk in any way. The Sansa Express is only supported by SanDisk as an MTP device.

you can use the express on other operating system that supports MSC.  it will only automatically switch to MTP mode if youre computer is running on xp/vista with MTP driver installed. it means if you try to plug an express on a mac, it will be detected as a removable drive. although sandisk wont support you if you encounterd any problems.