Support for SMB/SAMBA shares

Looks like a great product, any plans to support SMB/SMBA directly to the device?

Could be handy if a USB cable isnt near and the device is already setup on the wifi network.

Depending on what kind of OS they are using for the device it could be not to hard to implement some open-source library to handle this already, and then simply push out / pulblish a FW update for the device once compiled and tested.

So I 2nd this request to have this sometime in the future (probably nothing too important, but could be a convenience factor)

I agree. Having a network device but still needing a USB cable to move files between pc and drive is pretty sad.


I’m also interested on this feature, to make the Drive to show up as a Connected Drive (Like \ WMD or something like that)

I’m looking for a device that would allow me to do that…