Support for disc number tags


I have a problem since the last firmware update with albums divided into 2 or more CDs.

All my music on my fuze is in mp3 with ID3 v2.3 tags, UTF16 text coding.

All the files belonging to the same album whether they are on the first or second CD have the exact same album tag (without any mention to the disc number) but have the right disc number in the disc number tag field. Furthermore, the disc number is mentioned in the filename.

Here is my filename pattern :

Artist, (year) Album (Disc x) - XX track.mp3

When sorted by name, all the songs are played in the right order thanks to the disc number before the track number.

Before the last firmware update, I managed to get the album to be played in the right order probably because the fuze seemed to give priority to filename for the order of songs.

Since the last firmware update, the fuze seems to give more importance to the track number tag:

the 1st track of the 1st disc is played first, the the 1st track of the 2nd disc is played,

then its the 2nd track of the 1st disc, then the 2nd track of the 2nd disc and so on.

The files with the same track number tag belonging to different discs are played one after the other, the track from the first album always being played before the track of the next disc.

This means that the fuze first sorts files by track number tag, and when there is a conflict, uses filenames to sort tracks that share the same track number tag.

I know two workarounds for this problem (disc number in album field, modified track number tag including disc number before the actual track number) but none of these fixes satisfy me. Disc number in album field means that I’ll have to select the second disc when the first is over (I sort my music by albums). The second one is more interesting but it requires me to manually modify a lot of files.

My question is; would it be possible for the fuze to take into account the disc number tag before any other criteria when sorting files in a future firmware update?

Adding this feature to the fuze doesnt seem to require a lot of work to me.

Thanks for reading.

(oh, and replaygain support with track/album gain selection would be greatly appreciated!)

Yes Discnumber will be in the next update.

when will it be released? still this year?

End of November 2008

Great news.

Thanks sansafix.