Suggetions for using m200 players


After reading many posts, both on this and other forums, and watching video tutorials from SanDisk, I have decided to follow the following practices to use my m250. I am sharing them in case they may seem to be useful to others.

  1. Use MSC mode only

  2. I have decided NOT to use Windows Media Player’s SYNCH to move music to my m250.  It seems that freeze-ups have been reported when using the software.  I use Windows Media Player to rip music from my CDs, and then use drag’n’drop to copy it to the m250.

  3. If you want a better 2 pane file manager than Windows Explorer to do the file moving from your computer to your player, I have been using the free software called “Free Commander”  You can have the left pane open to the folder you set in WMP to rip tracks to, and the right pane set to your plugged in SanDisk player, and just click the COPY button to copy the files to the player.

  4. In Windows Media Player’s RIP tab, choose “options”, and set a destination for where you want the ripped tracks to reside, and also change the file naming format, to name tracks as    ARTIST-ALBUM-TRACK NR-TRACK NAME.WMA  — and change the separator to the “-” for legibility. 
    This filenaming convention will help when you are trying to delete tracks from the SanDisk player.

  5. Make sure to drop music into a MUSIC folder on the m250 (not the “root” directory.  Someone said that there is a limit to the number of files that can reside in the root directory, but not within folders off of the root directory).

  6. I will put ALL my music tracks into one folder: MUSIC, rather than creating folders for each artist and album.  As someone posted in this forum, folders take up space, and if you use the    ARTIST-ALBUM-TRACK NR-TRACK NAME.WMA     naming convention, you can tell tracks apart from their name.

  7. Use this free software, if you need to rename TAGS  :  (which someone here posted the link to… Thank you!)
    It is very easy to use and intuitive.

  8. Remember that any music loaded in MTP mode will not be visible in MSC mode (and visa versa?)

  9. SanDisk says that the player can get fragmented, (like any hard disks), and so they that the player will occasionally require reformating (so I will keep a copy of my music on my computer so it can be reloaded if necessary). (Has anyone ever tried doing a defrag on it?)

  10. Make sure the battery never goes below 1/4 charge.  As someone on this forum posted, the player needs electric power to do its functions when it powers down, and for rebuilding the library.  If that power is not there it could cause problems.  So I will always recharge when it gets below 1/2 full.

  11. Don’t fill the player to its max.  My m250 has stated capacity of  2  GB, but when I look at it’s properties, it says 1.9 GB.  Someone suggested leaving some room and not fill it.  So I won’t go higher than 1.8 GB (1800 MB), just to play it safe.

Hope this helps!  Enjoy your players…