Suggestions for improvements for new release

I saw in a few postings some requests for improvements and changes and I would like to add mine.

  1. Having the option to view folders on the unit itself. Actually I would like to see the same behaviour

    as Windows Media Player when the clip is sonnected to the PC. It gives the option to view by tag

    information or clasic folders. This could be done by adding another step under the Music menue

    Songs, Albums … Folders,  or changing a mode under Settings.

  1. In FM radio to be able to step forward and backward between preset stations instead of pressing

    the middle button going only forward. Most of the time people go through preset stations so it makes

    more sense to use the FF and FR buttons to go up and down between preset stations and you can

    add an entry to the radio menu (down button) to switch back to search mode.

  1. If you apply the change above (no. 2) then the middle button can serve for immediate recording from the

    radio. Many times you want to catch something fast and not go through menues for recording. This behaviour

    could be changed in Settings for people who want the old behaviour.

  1. Internal Clock. Very helpful to see the time and also to add a time stamp as part of the file name of recordings.

    (This is done in many cheap players)

  1. Time left for a song. The clip is the first player I have seen without showing the time left. This can be showed

    in the play window or toggled with the middle button while playing instead of or in addition to the spectrum analyzer

    view which is completely useless.

  1. Play A-B, playing a small piece of the song after marking the beginning and end of the section by a middle

    button press. Very common in other players and usefull when listening to recording of lectures for example.

  1. Changing the speed of playback without changing the pitch, also usefull when listening to recordings.

It is clear that the importance of features vary from one person to another.

For me the changes are listed in order of priority where no. 1 is first and 7 last.

Thanks for the great job you are doing, This is a great player.