Suggestion for the IDEAL MP3 player

Here’s a feature no MP3 player I know of has:

The ability to wirelessly transmit the music to a separate base unit attached to your home stereo.

This would allow one to wander the house and be able to control song selection and volume from ANY room. 

Whoever builds an affordable version of this FIRST is going to sell a lot of them.

It has to have a very broad range with no signal loss vs. wired, so as to work between floors even.

Ideal for those of us with full house stereos and speakers all over the house but a receiver only in one place.

Dare I say, this can be done with an Apple player (iPod Touch, iPhone) that connects to a home wifi network, using an Apple Airport Express connected to a stereo .(a main purpose for the Airport Express).

Would love to see a next generation Clip with Bluetooth and wifi connectivity (including for file transfer–no more USB cable!) …

I agree, Apple player is simply a good brand of gadgets that would meet certain expectations.  Its worth the price 

Apple already does with with the touch and can be streamed to any apple TV or computer using itunes. That said the issue here is not only would the mp3 player have to be made but all the stereo manufacturers would have get get on board and create a new product that would be compatible. So it is not likely going to happen. 

I guess that’s the value of the Airport Express:  it is a separate appliance that will attach and stream from a network onto whatever speakers.