Suggestion for new product/feature for micro and SDHC cards

SanDisk: a few suggestions for new products that are needed and have obvious markets.

  1. Problem: micro/sdhc cards insertion and removal from remote devices (speakers, mp3 players, etc…)  utilizing the pin and spring lock mechanism is clumsy and invites failure. Comments online (including Sandisk pages) report broken card pieces stuck in the micro port pins, inserting a card deep enough into the port is difficult and often takes an exact fingernail position or tool to push it in far enough to lock in. I have even had my finger nail slip and the card spring out and fly across the room, wasting hours of trying to find it. There are user reports on these problems all over the net and even videos and special tools being sold to deal with them. But SanDisk already has the solution at hand.

Solution. Your microSD to SD adaptor, using simple compression to hold these cards, already demonstrates how the problem of easy insertion/removal can be solved.  You only need to make a similar adaptor to your micro to SD adaptor, but one with a micro/sdhc male end rather than the SD end your present adaptor uses for SD ports.  The micro cards then become easy to insert and remove, broken card chips can’t happen and  people with arthritis or hand-finger mobility problems,  an impossible task, would find the task doable. I know I would buy several of these types of microSD to microSD adaptors if SanDisk would make them.

  1. Labeling. A white area or even small stick-on labels to make easy identification or marking of contents of micro cards would be useful. Very difficult to keep cards organized without some way to identify them.

  2. An accessory case to store micro cards and other flash drive or SD storage. 

As for the microSD cards, there are a number of 3D files available to print out a card holder. 

Here’s a real nice one that holds 18 cards.