Sugestions for future firmrmware versions

I have found the following bugs in my sansa player after a week of trying it:

I does not recognize 4 Gb MicroSD Cards.

Randomply drops the volume on one channel after a while.

When selectiong a specific Album or Artist to play, it stops playing when the content for that album or artist is finished (why???). It would make more sense to continue playing with the following songs instead of stoping, after all, I didn’t buy it to have it on and not playing anything.

Sometimes it refreshes the database even when no content has been updated.

It “forgets” the volume setting from the last sesion. When I turn it on, it allways resets at mid level.
I am sure there are more nuissances but I don’t remember just now.

which player do you have… only a few of them can support SDHC cards