Suddenly stopped working... not sure if the unit is officially dead.

Up until yesterday the Fuze has worked with no trouble.  However, tried to plug in the unit last night as battery was down to nothing.  When plugged/plugging in unit, then indicator comes up on the screen to say the unit is “charging.”  However there is not charge taking place. the charge remains at 0 and none of the buttons on the Fuze can be pressed in any way (from power to well, we tried them all).  I have a feeling the player is officially dead.  That said, it seems a little strange as is ever only used protected from the “elements” and all instructions have been followed since day one.  Are these things only supposed to have a two year life expectancy??  It seems a little premature.  At the monent it’s plugged in and just continues to say charging without doing so.  Did make an attempt at trying the restart command just to see if would initiate something but it’s as if no button is being pressed.  Thoughts/help?

I am sorry, I had this happen and I forgot what I did to get it working again, so I probably won’t be much help.  However, I wanted to let you know that there is hope you can resucitate it, though I was almost happy it happened as I was so frustrated with my Fuze+ that I was ready to chuck it (still am not too far from that).  I know one of the things I tried was to leave it charging with the wall wart that came with my iPad (i.e. 2.1 amp usb output) and used the micro USB cable plugged into that.  I let it charge while I was at work for approx. 6 hours.  I can’t remember if that worked or if I had to plug it into the computer to get it working and accepting a charge again.