Suddenly getting "Unsupported File Type" message?

I don’t know WHY, but suddenly my player will NOT recognize songs that it played just HOURS before. I didn’t have it plugged into my computer or anything, so nothing could have been “changed” on it. Why? How can it just NOT recognized a file type that IT HAS ALWAYS RECOGNIZED. Am I missing something here?

It’s because the firmware is a piece of garbage. Here’s what I recommend: if your songs are on your internal memory, connect in MSC mode (If you don’t know what that means, see the manual), and delete all of the *.dat files. These are the files that the Fuze+ uses to keep track of “playable” files, as well as tags. Sometimes these files get screwed up for no reason. After you delete them, the Fuze+ will rebuild new ones automatically (although it might take a long time to do).

If your songs are on an SD card, you can do the same thing, but it might be easier to do this with a card reader (just reinsert when you’re done).