Suddenly freezing....

I have 8GB Clip+ with 16GB MicroSD card. About 3200 songs, mostly Mp3s, a few WMA.

Need help with the freezing issue ASAP as this gadget is my #1 coping tool for some aspects of my psychiatric disability.

I haven’t had problems with it freezing before. Two weeks ago I put Mp3s i purchased from AudioTree on it. I had some problems finding them on there (I can’t change tags, they’re not under Artist’s name…) and I think I put them on there 3 times.

Last week it started freezing when I try to skip 3 or more songs in a row. I did find that one set of the 3 A.T. that I put on (although all 3 are identical) would freeze it any time I tried to select those, so I have deleted those. Since this problem didn’t start until after a week after putting those on, I don’t think that was the whole issue.

The freezing isn’t 100% consistent, and testing each song … well…

I read you can uninstall and reinstall the firmware. How? Also - would that take all the music off of it? Going on a trip soon and NEED this to work.

Also read about editing tags, not sure how to do that, but have found that some tags (AudioTree) cannot be edited.

Most of my music (98%) is from songs I have ripped from my own physical CDs.

Sometimes, manually reapplying the firmware can help, if there’s been a software glitch over time.  See the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.  It’s easy enough to do, and does not erase the content on your player.

Also sometimes, a reformat of the player, under its Settings, can handle inexplicable issues.  However, that will erase your content–transfer it to your computer first.

And for editing tage, Internet freeware MP3Tag is good.  Sometimes, ID3 tags with too much info. in them (such as, in the Comments field, or with lots of other fields filled in) can trip the player up.

Get MP3tag.

In Tools/Options/Tags/Meg do NOT let it read APE. Have it Write tags as ID3 v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

Open your trouble albums in mp3tag, Highlight all the files.  Save the tags (to the mp3tag defaults).