Suddenly Closed and Having Trouble to Open

Hello everyone, yesterday i deleted my all music library from my sansa than loaded new tracks. Some of them are flacs. I opened it everything was fine but after a couple of songs, it closed when the last song finished. Than i opened it but this time it closed evertime i try to play song. Its radio was working. After that i connected to it pc but pc didnt recognise device. And my charging screen freezed. I plugged out and restarted the device. Refreshing library text freezed. I restarted and tried several time but it was still freezing. So i let the device on its own for a night. In the morning its charge was low so i let it to charge from pc. After 7 or 8 hours now it doesn’t open. Refreshing library screen doesn’t come anymore. Only action it does is opening and freezing while connected to pc (Also added to a video about it). Device is not new its about 3 years old.

-I already tried restart by holding 20-30 seconds.

Thanks for help.

EDIT: Trying to charge it with mobile phone adapter. Refreshing library text pops and freeze again.

Still having problem… Someone please help :((