Ok, I’m new and it will show.  MP3 player has not been used in some time.  When I went to turn it on, I had a message saying my subscription tracks expired.  Then said to connect to my PC.

Ok, but then what do I do? Please help, step by step?

Thank you very much

Presumably, this is for songs through the Rhapsody music subscription service.  Are you still subscribing (and paying the monthly fee)?

For some reason, I guess I thought this would be automaticaly charged to my credit card unless I cancelled.  I’ll go on the site to  check.

Many thanks for the quick response.


I believe you have to periodically re-authorize your device when using Rhapsody. If you haven’t used it in a while, that would explain the message.

However, beings that Rhapsody is a pay-to-play service, it only makes sense to use it if you’re paying for it. If you find you don’t use your player on a regular basis, it might behoove you to simply buy music files (or rip your own CDs) and fill the player with those. Why pay for something if you’re not going to use it?