Submenu/Options selection initiates reboot!

Hello, just thought I’d post this before trying to exchange the Fuze.

And, goodness, how PICKY this site is about passwords!

Anyways (sorry) my 4GB model has suddenly developed the quirk of shutting down with a WHITE screen and seeming to reboot into FM mode if I select the Submenu/Options button (6 o’clock)!  I had weeks ago updated the firmware to the latest, and up until this point must say I’m generally quite happy with the device, including its usage with an 8 GB card–the audio quality is first-rate, but does anybody have any insight into this behavior?  (This bug occurs regardless of whether the card in inserted, BTW).

I DID try the “hold down the power button to off for 20 seconds” trick, but this had no discernible effect.

(Oh, and hey, the spell-checker doesn’t recognize “Fuze”!)

… Radio Snack here I come?

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Take it back & exchange it. You’ve got internal hardware issues you, as a user cannot fix.

Thank you for that, Mr. Tapeworm.  

Went back to the store and exchanged it w/o problems.  Clerk said he’s had more than one with this behavior, but I hadn’t found it mentioned on this forum.

Indeed, here in the forums, I have yet to see a solid cause and effect pattern with the white screen issue.

I’ve seen a few cases where it may occur with firmware installation, a few random freezes with the dead white screen, and other times when the device does it right from power-up.

It looks like the one consistent remedy is to soft reset the player by holding the power switch in the ON position for 20-30 seconds to reset the device.

Otherwise, it may be a hardware issue.

Bob  :wink: