Submenu In music Unresponsive after Firmware Update

    Hey there,

Well after a couple of hours wrestling with the firmware update i finally got my express functioning again (it was stuck on the ‘building database’ screen) after an update failure.  Everything seems to be working well now, except for one thing that wasn’t happening before the update.  Now, when i am playing a song from music directory and hit submenu button, it sometimes takes 10 times before it registers and takes me into the music submenu.  The button works everywhere else. It’s just when im on the current playing track info screen and hit the button, which leads me to believe it’s more of a firmware problem than a hardware problem.

Has anyone else had this problem?? or have any suggestions before i exchange this for another one or possibly something else?? 

Is there another firmware update coming that may fix this problem??


Well It seems like that problem is gone for now.  All buttons are working properly.  A good old Format seems to have done the trick.  Since then everything is working perfectly.  (i had to format anyways because i had some read only folders on there that i couldn’t remove.  Lesson learned.)

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YES, I’ve had this problem, too.  The submenu key is often unresponsive–but unpredictably so.  Sometimes it takes 6 or more presses to respond, sometimes when going down a menu it skips an item.  Sometimes it works fine.

I’ve had this player just a week & have experienced nearly every problem discussed here, which is a disappointment.  There is so much I really like about the Express, but I’m still not sure I should keep it.  If it weren’t for the helpful info in this forum, I would have sent it back already.  Definitely not one I can recommend to anyone who is uncomfortable with problem-solving technology on their own.

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