Hi all,

my Sansa Fuze sometimes plays songs only stuttering, it plays for one second (or shorter), stops for on second, plays for one second and so on. The same song will be played without problems by other players, i.e. Winamp.

And its not always the same song, which stutteres.

What can I do? What can be the reason?



I suggest getting latest firmware and then Format your Fuze and reload your music.   Its probably just a temporary glitch.

Is your headphone jack fully inserted?  I found when I first used the Fuze that I had to push the jack in harder than I was expecting.  With it only partially pushed in, music would have gaps, particularly at higher volumes, like stuttering.

Thanx for the answer.

I have the latest Update, and it is definitely not the phone jack.


if you have the equalizer set to “Normal” set it to “Custom” (Settings -> Music Options -> Music EQ) and set all channels about two or three steps above zero.

I bet you have no stuttering while the display is switched on. Your mp3-file is vbr (variable bitrate) where it is really difficult to calculate the minimal processor speed to decode the stream. When the eq is set this will set the minimal processor speed to a higher level. This means no more stuttering - and shorter battery life.

Older fw-versions had the same problem but much more pronounced.

Hope this helps :wink:

Ciao banty