Stuck on "Refreshing Your Media"

Good morning!

I loaned my Fuze to someone for several months.  They gave it back.  I charged it up.  Next time I turned it on the Fuze stuck on “Refreshing Your Media”.  RYM for short.  It would hang there, then the screen would go a weird whitish gray color after several minutes.

I popped the SD card out and noticed that the Fuze still got stuck on RYM, but it acted a little differently.  Installing the latest firmware made the RYM problem go away with the Fuze, but as soon as I put the SD card in RYM came back.  So I tried formatting the card.  Instead of going into cmd, I just right-clicked on the device and asked the PC to format, then quick format.  Problem appears to have gone away. 

This is on a Win7 PC.  Not sure if the right-mouse click format option is available in XP or Vista…

Anyway, wanted to let people know that it was fairly easy for me after the initial panic.  Hope this helps someone out.