Stuck on Refreshing your Media

This was driving me crazy. I bought my Zip almost a year ago and about 3 months ago it got stuck after I updated to the latest version. After resetting several, several times and letting it completely die it still wouldn’t budge. It just sits there and restarts after about 5 mins. I finally recharged it (after letting it sit for months, dead) and it’s still stuck. It doesn’t have anything on it. I’ve downgraded, upgraded again, installed Rockbox, and nothing worked. I can now say I feel like a complete idiot. I reformatted the internal memory and now it isn’t stuck. I wonder why I never thought of that before? So, if you have this problem, reformat the internal memory!

Very good reminder!   :slight_smile:

Nice of you to share this. Users will sure to benefit from this just in case they encounter this kind of an issue.