Stuck on Refresh Database

I have a Sansa Clip 4GB.  I have ~200 songs in the music file and had several I added using Rhapsody.  When I start my device it goes through the Refresh Database procedure yet the progress bar gets “frozen” under the ‘s’ in Refresh and will not continue.

I have reset the unit (holding up on the power bar for 15-20 sec) several times.

I have updated the firmware by using the istructions listed on this forum

I have removed all the Rhapsody songs by removing them from that library while my unit was connected

I have run a checkdisk to correct all corrupted files

It still does not complete the refresh database operation.  I started it again just before I started this posting.  It has been over two min and it still hasn’t moved.

I can not get into any menu options on the device, I can not do anything with it not plugged into a computer.

How can I get this unit to play music again?

it has been over 25 min since I started my device and it is still frozen…

Format the device from the computer. Then go to Settings>format> select Yes on the deivce.

Transfer the content again.