stuck on radio

sansa is stuck on the radio-i have tried to reset but no good???

Sorry to ask, but:  did you press the small home button and then click up to try to get to Music?

When you press the Home button while stuck on radio it serves to lock or unlock the buttons. I’m stuck on radio and can’t do anything. It will move the tuner up & down using Right & Left buttons. It will play or pause using the Up button. It will move the volume up or down using the side volume up & down buttons. It will shutoff using the top power button.

The Down button will lead to a menu with option Add Preset, Auto Preset, View All Presets, Recording. This is a dead end.

The Center button does nothing on the radio tuner screen, but functions to select items in the Down button/Preset/Recording screen.

I’ve tried holding buttons. I’ve tried combinations of buttons together. It’s stuck on the radio tuner.

Are you just quickly pressing the home button, or holding it down longer which will lock the player?