Stuck on Low Battery Msg

My clip sport is about 2 months old,

Now whenever I plug the clip into a usb port it starts up and then promty returns the low battery message, no matter how long I leave it charging its always displays low  battery.

I’ve tried holding power and select to force a restart, no effect.

I’ve tried SDFormatter an OS X app, this used to work whenever I had major league trouble with old sansa clips (x3), often it wouldn’t show up on the desktop, but SDFormatter could see it, a reformat would fix it.

In short neither the OS or SDFormatter recognise the clip sport as connected.

I read somewhere a suggestion of connecting to a mobile phone cable and trying to chage from that. I’ve had a look and none of ours fit.

Any suggestions?

sounds like a bad battery. Contact sandisk support and ask about warranty replacement.