Stuck on "connected" or Record

I have spent about 6 hours so far today trying to get this bloody thing to work. I charged it overnight last night. This morning, it still said, “Connected” with the jagged arrows on the screen from the pc icon to the media icon (whatever you call those things). Anyway, I unplugged it because it had been charging for roughly 10 hours and I figured that’d be enough. But, when I press the menu button, it says, “record” and there is no menu. The arrows on the dial turn on and off the recording, but I can’t get to the menu.

I read on several sites about updating the firmware. I did that. I installed the auto update and had it scan. Firmware is updated. I see several references to formatting the drive using the menu options. But, I can’t get to the menu.

I got this for my son to take on a trip he’s leaving for tomorrow morning. It would be sooo nice to get this working so he can take it with him.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m using a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop

Windows XP sp2

Please try hard reset the device by slide up the button on the left hand side and hold it there for 10 seconds.  This would hard reset the device and refresh the data cache in the device and hopefully to get it working again.  Once you can hard reset and get it working, please do the Format option under Settings menu to clean out any garbage that might have caused the device to behave erratically at first and then transfer your contents to see if it will work or not.  Please let me know the result or capture the screen if there are problems.

I’ve done the reboot thing (holding the power slide button for 10 seconds) about 4 times and it doesn’t make any difference.

i think you should :: plug into pc mtp > delete all folders --everything >unplug …plug into pc msc > delete all folders --everything >unplug … plug into pc msc format from pc >unplug >format from device…plug into pc msc update firmware >unplug >
So short version == erase everything from msc and mtp, format from pc and device, update
i know this is redundant… i hope something helps…


sorry about that…here is another alternative

Force the device into MSC so you can format clean the device.  To force it into MSC…put the device in HOLD mode by sliding the power button backward and then press-n-hold the center button (not the home button) WHILE plugging in your PC…do not plug in and hold…HOLD and PLUG IN at the same time…then the device should go to MSC mode and you can format it under your Windows Explorer or at My Computer location.