Stuck in Japanese ("clip Faqs - no help / owners manual - no help)

What I need is a button press sequence.  Can anyone help with that?



I don’t know if this will help at all

if you are playing a song, and can see the name of the song…   try this sequence of clicks:

click the small button

click Up  “Settings”   click Select  (middle)

now this should put you into settings…   mine came up with System Info, but it was the last item i was looking at…   You may have to try each one looking through the options.

From “System Info”

click up “Volume”

click up “FM Settings”

click up  “Languages”   click select  (this should be language)

english is the first langage shown on my clip.  click up and down to search for language names,  if this doesn’t show you english as an option  click back and try another item from the settings menu.   

I dunno if that will help.    Good luck,  Cheers

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