Strategy for listening to books

I listen to books on tape exclusively on my m250.  I see there is a “Play Music/Spoken Word” option on the menu, but having searched the forum, I’m not really getting a feel for what that option does.  Moreover, when I select it, it tells me there is no spoken work files to play.  Where do I place my files, if in fact, that is even the option I want.

My problem mainly is that the book segments may not play in order (based on file name).  I may have to take a large chapter and split it into smaller files for ease of listening, but that may result in the play out of order situation.

Any tips/answers would be appreciated!

I have an m230 and m250. It has been a while since I’ve done any transfers, since both players have decided to quit being detected.

IIRC, I found that the Spoken Word section only had my books (.aa) in it. They are treated differently by the player and I didn’t do anything special to make the books end up there.

The .mp3 and .wma books are treated like music. In order to get the pieces to play in order, I had to create a playlist for them first (Windows Media Player worked for me), and then transfer the playlist to the player. The pieces would still be out of order in the artist, album, etc. sections, but by selecting the playlist, they’d be in listening order. This is also what I did when listening to a group of podcasts. 

Thanks for the info and work around!