Strange Screen Problem

I was listening to my sansa fuze one night(which I got like two weeks ago or so) and everything was fine. The next morning I woke up and turned it on and was surprised to see the screen was white with a really strange orange dab of color showing on it, as if it was splashed on from a paint brush or something. What caused this? Will my warranty cover it?

Also, to answer future questions:

  • It still plays music and such, but as I said, the screen shows that weird thing, so I have no interface actually find my music
  • I bought it from Radio Shack online
  • I haven’t altered it in any way besides changing settings/adding data/etc

It may not work, but it’s free and it just might . . .

Start with the unit on & displaying your white screen with the cool orange ‘artwork’. Slide the spring-loaded power switch up and hold it there 15 - 20 seconds, or until it powers off. Then release and slide it up momentarily once to see if it will start up normally.

Let us know whether this works or not. :smiley:

Same thing. :frowning:

Before it freaked out had you downloaded the latest firmwire? If not do that see if it helps, (your sofware may be buggy). Also you may need to go in and delete your files and reset your Fuze to the factory settings. I dont know if any of this will help but Ive done it all when mine has freaked out.