Strange problem with fuze, It wont charge anymore after I did an update

I decided that I had had this mp3 player for a while so I decided to do an update. Everything went perfectly. I was watching a movie that night. I was getting sleepy so as I have for as long as I have had this mp3 player, I paused it and turned off the power. Then next evening when I turned it on, it went to a screen that looked like the music screen abd even had the title music. with a thumbnail of the video where the album art goes and title, and my progress through the movie. I was like this is new, must be a new feature. So i clicked play. the Icon changed to a pause button. nothing else happened. I hit menu. nothing happened. so I turned off the device. The screen when White for a second and then played the starting up screen and then froze with the sansa icon. I waited for the battery to die, and plugged it in. It showed the connected screen for 1 second and then said disconnected. I have tried pluging it in many times. Each time my computer marks the device as unrecognizable. when the connceted screen disappears. It shows the battery icon in the corner with the charge thing it flashes twice then dissappears, and continues to do this endlessley. It is not actually charging, I let it sit for 2 hours and the charge did not go up. my computer just keeps flashing that the device is unrecognizable. Please Help me.

Reset it by sliding the power switch up and holding it for approx. 20 seconds. Release and then slide it up momentarily to re-start. It should power up normally.

I tried that. The system Isnt frozen. There is somthing messed up in the device software that is keeping it from being recognized. It recognizes it at first, it tells me it finds new hardware, which is weird cause I have used it before, it shows connected, then it makes the disconnect sound and the mp3 player goes to the regular screen. and flashes the little lightning bolt like its charging, then a popup on windows says unrecognized device, and the thing goes back to normal battery. Then it repeats the process, shows the lightnig bolt and the battery gauge flashes like its charging, then I goes back to the device not recognized popup (again) and stops charging. (REPEAT) over and over. It doesnt actually charge it though.

Have you tried setting the USB mode on the player to MSC? Will the pc recognize the the player in MSC mode? After the last firmware update, my pc would not recognize my Fuze in MTP mode. It has no problem in MSC mode. Some people said that reinstalling Windows Media Player would solve the problem. Apparantly it is also related to Windows XP service pack 3. Since I don’t need to use MTP mode and wanted to switch to MSC anyway, I just switched to MSC rather than reinstalling Windows Media Player.

:open_mouth: You were right about somthing, I tried it on my laptop, It worked. I do have service pack 3 on my desktop, and not on my laptop. The Mp3 player was already in msc mode as I remembered having a problem with it being on auto. Thanks for your help.