Strange charging sequence

Hi everone.

At first i must apologize for my weak english skills.

I just bought Sansa Clip+. I connect it to USB port in my PC and it starts to charge. It shows that player is wiring>connecting>reading>connected. Then a battery icon appear in the upper right corner of the screen and it looks that my player is charging.

But I dont know why all the time there also appears Sandisk animation with disappearing letters. After animation it starts to charge again, but without information about wiring, reading etc. It looks strange, because sometimes battery is loading in full, and sometimes only the tip of it. Now, after 1,5 hour of charging my Sansa Clip seems to be fully charged.

Im connecting it in MSC USB mode. I haven’t update a firmware yet.

Is it normal? 

Message Edited by Hustler on 06-16-2010 05:30 AM

When you plug in your Clip+, the reading / writing cycle at the beginning of the session is normal.  This is the communication between the computer and the Sansa.  Once communications are established, the Clip+ will begin charging.

It is normal for the screen to alternate the display.  Charging is continuous after communication is established.  The display will turn off automatically after one hour.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: