Strange Battery Display

Has anyone seen this (see picture) before?  It was about 1/3 charge, had charged for about 30 minutes. I unplugged it and the display was this: 

It was locked up, but, after 5 minutes (while photographing/preping this post), it did a timeout poweroff, and when I powered it back up, everything seems normal.


Mine’s done that before, although I don’t remember what I was doing when I saw it.  I think I just turned it off then on and it went back to normal.

My Clip’s shown that a couple times right before the battery died (when I was testing to see how much playtime it’d get), but it didn’t freeze or lock-up.

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Thats the low battery message. you need to charge it up.You should charge it for 3.5 hours.

Low battery?  That’s even weirder then.  Like I said in the OP, the battery was at about 1/3 before I hooked it to the USB.  Experience would tell me I had 3 or 4 hours of run time left.   Strange.


The gauges are approximate, and also can get out-of-kilter (why recommends a full discharge every now-and-again:  to reset the gauge).