Stopping accessing programs

My 16G Cruzer will not allow me to remove it. Error states something is accessing the drive, but everything is closed. I couldn’t get it to stop last night and had to shut down computer. I had the U3 disabled. I enabled U3 and it worked fine, but tonight, but it’s back to the error message. I also have a 1G Cruzer that I am having problems accessing. This should be easy - what am I missing?



When I had that problem a couple of years back it was my firewall that was accessing the drive.  Protecting it from malicious writes but the access was there and thus the drive classified as in use.  I found I had to shutdown my fw, remove the drive, then restart my fw.

Other apps could be doing it also. AVs, AMs, music sharing apps, video sharing, etc.  You’ll have to experiment one by one.