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This should be obvious to me but it is not.  I have a Sansa Fuze, 4 gig, am using windows vista.I just installed the newest firmware.  I have looked  at the FAQ’s and the manual but I did not find my answer.

How does one stop a song that is playing?  Not delete, just stop



Press pause (>||) at 12 o’clock on the wheel, that stops the track.  It’s a Play/Pause toggle; pause will halt the current track and the search functions will help you select the next track you want to play. There is no need of a ‘stop’ button with today’s digital media devices that have memory, unlike the ‘old’ CD players where you have to physically stop or eject the thing in order to play another track or CD.


If you really feel like you need to stop a song here are the stepsI use to do it:

  1. pause the song

  2. go to videos

  3. play one or get to the menu that asks to resume

  4. press the home button

Ta-Dah!!!          The song has “stopped” playing

There is no out and out STOP button. For most it is not needed because pause does the same thing. Those who want the little bar at the bottom to stop displaying the info, use work arounds like happycow suggested

Dear Repstein40,

I have owned the Sansa Fuze 4GB model for over 2 years and had the same problem. Drove me crazy. I had to pause, then go to the home menu and song continued to play while trying to search and play another song.

Did the solutions provided help?

Thanks, paulwayne 2012

I don’t think Repstein40 has been waiting two years for your message.

That’s just how the firmware works. If you want an alternative, go to , an alternative firmware, and see if you prefer its interface.

@black_rectangle wrote:

I don’t think Repstein40 has been waiting two years for your message.


Or three.