What happens if my clip is sloten or lost? I don’t think that a company competing so fiercly with ipod and apple should exclude this part. If sansa products are better than ipods they should offer the same kind of service and it isn’t my fault my clip was stolen…the little thing is cute okay? And hey I just bought it 5 days ago…and I still got the reciete too so…yeah what now?

Anyone who is interested can find a copy of the SanDisk Limited Warranty in the User Manual available at:

Sansa Clip User Manual

The warranty clearly states “You must return the product”

I am sorry if you misunderstood what you bought. Still, I think SanDisk has been clear on this subject.

Apple replaces lost/stolen iPods?!  I find that really hard to believe, especially since the chance for abuse is so high.  I mean, what’s to stop people from pretending they lost it or it got stole, just so they can get a second iPod?

Yeah, I don’t think you’ll be able to do anything about a lost or stolen media player no matter what the brand. 

Actually, the “theft guarantee” concept is a way of softening the reality that there’s a registration (account with iTunes) number on the iPod.  It sounds ominous that Big Brother knows where you are, doesn’t it?

You are free to load your Sansa in a multitude of different ways, with the services of your choice.  There’s a device ID for DRM issues, but you’re not locked in to one Orwellian source. 

The advantage?  At least your Clip is inexpensive.  I’m sorry to hear it was stolen :cry:

Keep your Clip close by, on its wee clip.  And carry a big stick to handle those thieves!

Bob  :wink: