Still no Album Art after all the tips

I still can’t get album art to show up. I rename the pic folder so it’s folder.jpg and I put it in the correct folder but the art still doesn’t show up. The usb setting is auto. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

you rename the pic folder? you mean you renamed the picture file? and what “correct folder” did you put the folder.jpg into.

Also if your jpg isn’t in the right compression it will not show up, try converting the jpg file to standard jpg compression.

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Sorry, I renamed the pic file as folder and I put it in the folder of the correct album folder of that album.

so you placed the folder.jpg into the folder of the music of the album art you wanted reflected.

meaning, if the song you want tagged with the album art is in:

music\john cruise\standing up alive and out\

you placed the “folder.jpg” into that same folder. 

I did this…I placed it in music\marco beltrami\Underworld Evolution

please try recompressing the jpg file to standard compression. incidently you can try any other jpg file and see if any jpgs you have work. if you get one working one than the problem points to the compression of the original jpg.

Thanks for your help. I was using a photo that was 300 x 300 and I think that was my error. I went with a smaller pic and it worked. Thanks for your help.

It may be that your album art is too large.

For easier work I would try using MP3Tag, its freeware and works great!! 

If you’re tracks are embedded with Album Art, then MP3Tag makes easy work of it.

You can actually create a Task in MP3Tag to export album art to a .jpg file with a specific file name

I simply connect my fuze in MSC mode and point MP3Tag to the music directory. 

Once it enumerates all the files, I choose select all files, and then run the task to export the art as folder

It then exports the art into the correct folder and names them all folder.jpg

I can add Album art to over 80 albums in less than 45 seconds. 

So as a rule, I use MP3Tag to embedd all the album art to my MP3’s  so that I always have that art “available” anywhere as long as I have the file.

I use Winamp to Autofill, and unfortunately the MSC plugin will not transfer album art.  So since the art is imbedded in the tag, I get the music on the player, but no folder.jpgs

I then use MP3Tag to basically reverse the process and export that art into each folder.

It’s a breeze.

And the nice thing about MP3Tag is it automatically sizes it to an acceptable size.

you need to open the image with paint or something and then razize the image like a 300X300pix aprox

then save the image as folder.jpg

y try rename a file to folder and never work 

when i open and “save as” folder.jpg i finally find the trick, and now all mi albuns shows the albun art 

sorry for mi bad english i from latin america 

but is better then say only " house keeping" like a mexican ajajajahahahah

@bishop54 wrote:
Thanks for your help. I was using a photo that was 300 x 300 and I think that was my error. I went with a smaller pic and it worked. Thanks for your help.

300x300 shouldn’t be too large, it was probably something about the jpg encoding.  I think progressive jpgs won’t work.  Maybe when you resized it was converted to a normal jpg.

Most of my art is in the 500x500 range and it all worked.  However, I noticed that the Fuze UI was a lot snappier when I resized everything to 200x200, so it’s worth going through the resize process anyway.

Thanks for the info about MP3Tag.  All my art is embedded so I’ll give the program a try :smiley:

After that, I just have to decide which flash based player is going to stay with me and which will find its way onto Ebay as I now have a new Sony Walkman NWZ-S618F 8GB and the 4GB Fuze I bought today. 

But that’s a discussion for another thread…