still cant get videos on my sanza

i tried getting movies on my sanza fuze and when i put them on there and i went to my videos, it siad that it was a unsupported format. so i came on this forum and i asked and someone recommended the sanza media converter. so i used that to convert the films and i then put them on my sanza but when i went to the videos, it wasnt in there. so basically when i have it in a format that it cant support, it will show up but in a format it can support, it wont. am i doing something wrong?

Maybe your computer is not powerful enough, Sansa Media Converter requires a lot of computer power.

I noticed that if there were serveral applications running at the same time on my computer, the conversion would abort at the middle of process.

I always do the conversion without running other applications at all, which has no problem.

It seems like you are missing a step, you say you use the media converter to convert the movies AND THEN YOU ADD THEM TO YOUR FUZE…it should be automatic.  Make sure your fuze it plugged into your computer. Open up the media converter, select the mecia to be converted, when the movie is converted it will automatically be placed on your fuze…no additional work needed.

DVD movies cannot be directly imported to the Fuze, or any player for that matter, unless the “copy protection” of the source DVD is bypassed.  I’ve been enjoying DVDs on the e200 and Fuze via this method.

There are many roads leading to Rome, as they say, but thte final step is important: the Sansa Media Converter is required to port the VOB files to your Sansa in the correct “container”.

Video chapters that do not play following conversion can be “massaged” with the AnyVideoConverter application, and reloaded with the SMC.  Be forewarned, the AVC conversion process takes a while, and may automatically make several MPEG layer passes.  Brew some coffee, and let the application run.

I hate the “cloak and dagger” methods required with DVDs, the format is too fragile.  If a fly lands on a source DVD, and he has %&$*@ on his feet, the DVD may skip.  I miss Laserdisc, but the 12 inch size isn’t as portable.  The marketing crap on the menus of DVDs is a real treat.  Follow the directions in the linked thread, and you can watch your movies on the go!

It’s a lot of fun, but you might want to pick up a handful of tasty SanDisk µSD cards…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

@neutron_bob wrote:


It’s a lot of fun, but you might want to pick up a handful of tasty SanDisk µSD cards…


Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I use anydvdconvert too.  I can do other things on my computer while it’s converting them, but can’t use the SMC or it takes up too much computer memory.  But that’s okay.  After using ADC I then use SMC.  Simple process.

It is fun.

And yes, pick up a handful of cards.  On an 8gb I can get about 11 regular length (90 min) movies on one.  good amount, but could be better.