Stick not transmitting WiFi network

128GB SanDisk Wireless Connect stick. Only had it a few weeks.

I have been using for a couple of weeks to back up photos from a camera via my iPad. Was all great until one morning I just couldn’t see the SanDisk Connect WiFi network to connect to.

I tried turning it off and on again, then the same with the iPad. Then I tried to find the network on my phone and no joy. I’ve tried doing a reset (hold power button for 15secs) and that hasn’t worked either.

Today I tried plugging it into a PC laptop. Said it needed formatting. I didn’t do that. Strangely when connected to the laptop it started transmitting a WiFi network. I could connect but it said was in USB mode. On disconnection from the laptop the WiFi network disappeared.

Help! How do I get the stick to transmit the WiFi network again? Thanks in advance

Should also mention I’ve tried charging it overnight just in case it was a power issue. When turned on it blinks white dots as normal.

it sounds like there may be some type issue supplying power to the wifi transmitter. If reset did’t fix the issue you could try reinstalling the FW. if that does nto work it would probably need to be replaced. 

Okay thanks. How do I reinstall the firmware?

Sorry forgot to mention it also says the drive needs to be formatted when I plug it into a computer…

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instructions for reinstalling the FW are linked in my post above.

if it says you need to format it when you connect it to the computer the drive would need to be formatted first. you have to copy the FW to the drive and you cannot do that if the drive is not formatted. formatting will erase all data so if you need the data you may need to send it to a company that provides data recovery services. 

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