Static when playing music

I just bought a refurbished clip+ a few days ago and I was wondering if I picked up a defective product.

I hear static, high frequency screech, when I unplug the headphone and plug them back in while the player is on. I can make this effect happen with 3 other pairs of headphones aswell. The static noise goes away if I turn off the player. When the volume is low I can hear it, even at the lowest setting.

Anyone else or experience or not experience this effect?

For those who have a clip+, does removing and inserting the earbuds make this sound? A yes or no can help me make my decision to return this for another clip+.

Personally, I wouldn’t know. I always plug and unplug my earphones with the unit off, as I do with anything electric that requires a cord, cable, or accessory to be attached.

It sounds (no pun intended) like a manufacturing defect.  If at all convenient to you, I’d try exchanging for a new unit.